CD release

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 20.30uur in the World Music & Dance Centre in Rotterdam, the CD presentation of the CD Love = U by Jazz(y) vocalist Al Goodah from Rotterdam. Al Goodah (Carlo Goedhart) is best known as one of the lead vocalists of Fra Fra Sound. Love = U is a very versatile album with many different influences. He calls his musical style JEM: Jazzy Entertainment Music . A combination of soul, funk, jazz fusion and world music with a jazzy touch.Love = U is about love between people in the deeper sense of the word love. You are love, wear it out, blasting it out from the seed, give it out, then we create a better world. The 14-strong band is led by Glenn Gaddum, among other music director of the musical Billy Holiday 2008 with Ruth Jacott. Al Goodah's Cd release will also include a guest performance by jazz pianist Amina Figarova, bass-player Isaac van Niel & vocalist Patty Gaddum. The evening is presented by Quintis Ristie, known from Jorgen Raymann television series. Cast: Glenn Gaddum (director/piano), Remco van der Sluis (drums), Lesly Joseph (bass), Andro Biswane (guitar), Carlo Hoop (percussion), Joe Rivera (trumpet), Michael Simon (trumpet), Ephraim Trujilio (sax ), Frans Cornelisse (trombone), Bart Platteau (flute), Patty Gaddum (backing vocals), Rebecca Thenu (backing vocals) and Walter Muringen (drums & vocals).


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